Dynamic Neuromuscular

Assessment (DNA)

DNA is a technique developed by Joseph Shwartz who was also instrumental in creating Neural Kinetic Therapy (NKT). This modality employs manual muscle testing, or applied kinesiology, to isolate dysfunctional movement patterns and then learn the primary cause of the compensation pattern. What makes this form of muscle testing unique is the use of an indicator to give more dimension to results that are usually binary. More simply put, we use movement to determine what movements in the body are overactive, underactive, or normal and why.


Even more simply put, we have a conversation with the nervous system.

Dawn Lewis, the cultivator of this wonderful technique, describes it as an  “orthopedic based positional release modality.” In SMRT, your therapist moves the body into its established pattern using an activating force to stimulate a positive change. What this looks like without the jargon:

  1. Find the position in which the muscle is most comfortable

  2. Add some compression

  3. Hold


Working with these small movements allows us to approach the body under the thresh hold of pain, communicate directly with the brain, and work multiple systems at once.  This all culminates in massive pain relief and pattern reorganization.

Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique (SMRT)

The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®

Arvigo is a protocol for massaging the abdominopelvic area. Dr. Rosita Arvigo learned this sequence from Don Elijio Ponte whose teaching lineage traces directly back through the Maya civilization. She then integrated her own osteopathic knowledge as well as techniques taught to her by Hortense Robinson, a renown midwife and traditional healer, creating a protocol which has profound impact on the digestive and reproductive systems (among other benefits).


The goal of the massage is to help the body reach its most optimal state of function and being by improving “the five systems of flow” - circulation, lymph, nervous conduction, hormones, and energy - and (if you have one) centering the uterus.

Energy work is the practice of assessing and realigning the subtle or energetic body, also known as the aura or the magnetic field. Reiki is an example of such a technique.  Imbalances in the energetic body can be caused by trauma, limiting beliefs, trapped emotional energies, childhood distress, societal pressures, and self betrayal.  By addressing the energetic body we can alleviate the physical pains these kinks cause as well as the feeling of being stuck or continually reliving the same moment. 


Rhiannon practices her own natural form of energy work sprung from her intuition, and The Emotion Code, created by Dr. Bradley Nelson.

Energy Work

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