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Therapeutic Bodywork

Are you tired of low back pain keeping you from doing the things you love?  Ready to be done with pelvic pain that saps your joy? Want to feel like your body is working with and for you instead of against you? 


You are in the right place!

Clients reported an average of

60.7% improvement in low back pain

40.3% improvement in pelvic pain

70.0% improvement in sciatica symptoms

After just the first session!


By combining physical assessment, breathwork, manual therapy, and energy work in session with tailored self care activities between appointments, we work as a team to get you immediate relief and guide your body to make lasting changes.


Our session will look very little like the image that probably comes to mind when you think of “massage.”  Movement coupled with still points and holds is a signature of my bodywork; specific work that targets deep tissues without force.  “No pain, no gain” is non-applicable here! All modalities I use are gentle on the body which is part of why they can have such profound effects.


Are you ready to reclaim your body?