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Combine bio-mechanics and bio-energetics to treat chronic pain and past trauma

Are you tired of low back pain keeping you from doing the things you love?  Ready to be done with pelvic pain that saps your joy? Want to feel like your body is working with and for you instead of against you? 

Clients reported an average of​

60.7% improvement in low back pain

40.3% improvement in pelvic pain

70.0% improvement in sciatica pain

80% improvement in shoulder pain

After just the first session!

To help you get the most profound results in the least amount of time, my bodywork combines bio-mechanics and bio-energetics, addressing multiple layers of you at once. We work as a team to get you immediate relief and guide your body to make lasting changes.  Chronic pain, sensory memories, and outdated patterns will melt away to allow for your future self to emerge.

Individual Session

Our session will look very little like the image that probably comes to mind when you think of “massage.”  You will remain clothed, so be sure to wear loose comfortable clothes. Movement based assessment coupled with still points, breathwork, and energy work is a signature of my bodywork.  “No pain, no gain” is non-applicable here! Specific, gentle work targeting deeply held patterns without force allows your body to make profound changes.  Appointments run about 90 minutes and can be done Virtually or In-Studio. 

Get started by booking an Initial Session

Together, we will build a program tailored to your goals - we will discover the root of your pain and you will learn how to prevent it in the future.

Each program is bespoke to your specific needs.  Length, session frequency, and investment are discussed at the time of the initial session (Virtual or In-Studio) or consultation. The basic process is outlined below.

Get started by booking a Consultation or Initial Session

Bespoke Pain Relief Program


Your Goals

The obvious here is that you want to be pain free.  We’ll take that a step further. Do you want to be able to run to the grocery store or run a marathon?  Do you want to pick up your kids or lift 500 lbs barbells? Do you want to feel more connected to the people around you?  Do you want to be excited about new experiences again? We will take an in depth look at where you are, where you want to go, and then determine the best way to get you there.  It is at this point we will determine approximately how long your process will need.

This comes in two forms: the work we do together and the work you do between sessions.  In session, we will manage your symptoms so you can start to reclaim your life immediately while moving toward eliminating the underlying cause of your pain.  This process will take the form of breathwork, manual therapy, movement therapy, and energy work applied based on the results of assessments of your physical and subtle body.

Between appointments you will continue reclaiming full ownership of your body.  Self massage, meditations, activities, and movements recommended specifically to support your changing patterns and emerging future self.

Doing The Work

Forward Thinking

With the majority of your pain tamed or completely emliminated, we will focus on incrementally loading your new movement patterns to reinforce all the positive changes.  We will also review the strategies and activities you have been utilizing between sessions and make any modifications necessary so they continue to serve you as you move forward.  The clarity you’ve found during our sessions will now be part of your everyday life, even in the midst of your life’s demands. This is the homestretch on the path to reaching your goals!

At this point you have learned a ton about your body and your responses to stress on the physical and emotional levels.  With this knowledge, you will be able to maintain sustainable patterns and prevent maladaptive ones from forming. You will be bounding up and down your stairs.  You will be sitting comfortably through parent-teacher meetings. You will be training for your sport. You will be off on new adventures.


Enjoy your pain free life!


**As mandated by the State of New Jersey, Philosopher's Stone is closed to all In-Studio sessions to support social distancing until further notice. However, I am still available to help! Bodywork done remotely can have tremendously profound effects for relieving pain and releasing trauma. Book a Virtual Session to get started or schedule a Consultation if you have questions. As an added way for me to continue to best serve you, all virtual bodywork is Pay-What-You-Wish until the social distancing recommendations are lifted. Thank you so much for your support!**