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Sex Without Pain, Heather Jeffcoat: Book Review

Not ready to work with a professional to find relief from your pelvic and sexual pain? Check out this book for an easy-to-follow DYI guide to get you started!

While I'm a big proponent of getting help, I also see the value in do-it-yourself methods. Health is no exception this rule. And when it comes to sexual health, doing what you can for yourself first can often be an invaluable tool in growing comfortable asking for help. Heather Jeffcoat’s book, Sex Without Pain: A Self Treatment Guide, is a wonderful example of a DYI plan for vaginal care.

Practical and straightforward, Sex Without Pain offers a step-by-step self treatment plan using the IRAS (pronounced erase) method in which dilators are used to stretch the pelvic floor muscles. The initial chapters cover self assessment and goal setting. I think one of the most important aspects of this book is that Jeffcoat outlines indicators of progress and stressed the necessity of meeting these milestones before moving onto the next phase to avoid setbacks. The other aspect if this book I really enjoyed is the time taken to discuss pelvic pain myths and the fears commonly held by those experiencing it. Other works on this topic I have read often skip over this piece which can neglect the element of mindset in the healing process.

Added bonuses:

  • Simple and clear diagrams clarify Jeffcoat's instructions

  • Resources are listed to find everything from an appropriate dilator set to an appropriate care provider (when you’re ready)

  • Jeffcoat's tone is encouraging, compassionate, and respectful

Overall, this is a great book to have at your disposal of you want to experience pain free sex and relieve your chronic pelvic pain.

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