• Rhiannon Flores-Drennen

Which is Better: Chiropractic or Massage?

Chiropractic Treatment and Massage Therapy are often pitted against each other with the clamor to claim one as better than the other.

Recently several clients have asked whether massage or chiropractic is better. Asking this question is completely reasonable as everyone wants to get the most benefit - and pain relief - for your available time and budget! But or thinking in this instance is a bit like wondering if you should eat fruits or vegetables.

It is impossible to say in general which is better or more effective because while both are under the umbrella of bodywork, chiropractic addresses skeletal misalignments and massage is concerned with muscular imbalances. They are different ways of talking to the nervous system and encouraging optimal states for wellness. As such, these approaches work wonders when used in conjunction.

But you probably arrived here because an and solution is not on the table.

In that case, go with whichever feels like it helps you most or feels the best! Tight muscles can pull bones out of alignment just as misaligned bones can tighten muscles. Working on one system will have impacts on the other. Your practicer will let you know if they reach the limits of the scope of practice and refer you out if needed.

It is also important to remember your healthcare plan can be flexible. Once you pick a therapy, you can always switch it up if you feel like you need an extra boost or to address the issue from another angle. Prefer to massage your pain away? Click here to secure your appointment for pain relief or call me at (856) 857-7535 with questions!

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**Philosopher's Stone will schedule and perform only Telehealth Appointments until the Sate of NJ lifts the shelter-in-place mandate. Bodywork done remotely can have tremendously profound effects for relieving pain and releasing trauma.

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