Transform Chronic Pain with Therapeutic Bodywork

Low Back Pain ~ Pelvic Pain ~ Hip Pain ~ Groin Pain ~ Shoulder Pain ~ Neck Pain ~ Headaches

You deserve to feel whole, secure in your body.  Trapped in the cycles of chronic pain these feelings can seem like a hopeless fantasy.

You live a half life with chronic low back pain and sciatica.  Fog descends on your world with neck and shoulder pain, migraines and headaches.  Menstrual dysfunctions are depressingly normalized. Pelvic and sexual pain leave you feeling broken and unworthy.  

If you are ready to turn that dream of a life free from pain into tangible reality - to find meaningful change, to reconnect with your body, and feel whole again…

You're in the right place!

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Displace Old Patterns, Make Friends with Your Bodymind


Therapeutic Massage

Deep tissue techniques that are gentle yet profound and therapeutic movement target your pains at their root cause to provide both immediate and lasting relief.  Sessions are designed around your goal to address specific physical pain.

Clients regularly report feeling as much as an 80% improvement in pain, better range of motion, and much more loose after this massage.

Release the mental whirlwind as fluid, nervous system-calming techniques relieve stress and send you into deep meditation and communion with your bodymind (or a great nap).  This session is also great for maintenance after you have finished your pain relief treatment protocol.

You will feel like blissed-out jello at the end of this massage.

"Amazing experience! Rhiannon has a compassionate nature and listened to my concerns of neck and lower back pain. She was able to work on those areas without any discomfort. I felt so much better after the massage. I would highly recommend Rhiannon."

—  Denise G.

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