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Make "In Your Body" Your Favorite Place To Be

Bodywork Melding

Bio-Mechanics and Bio-Energetics

to help you
Create a Pain Free Life

Chronic Pain is draining.  Trauma can be paralyzing. 

You deserve to feel whole, comfortable, and secure in your body.  You deserve to live your life.  So...

If you are on board to make the shift,

resolve your chronic low back pain,

ease your joy sucking pelvic pain,

calm your nagging (or debilitating) sciatica...

If you're ready to

Exercise (or go to the grocery store) without pain,

Be present with your partner, children, and family, 

Have great sex, free from pain and painful memories...

You're in the right place.

Bespoke Pain Relief


An intensive program guaranteed (money back and everything!) to relieve your low back pain, your sexual pain, your pelvic pain and meet your goals to make your body feel like home again.

Focus on enjoying living in your body and relieving chronic pain.  This Bodywork combines all of my skills in a unique session designed to guide your body to balance without force or unnecessary pain.


Wear loose, comfortable clothes.

"Amazing experience! Rhiannon has a compassionate nature and listened to my concerns of neck and lower back pain. She was able to work on those areas without any discomfort. I felt so much better after the massage. I would highly recommend Rhiannon."

—  Denise G.